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Healthier bodies

When you lower the fat in your body you get a healthier life and our clients say they feel younger too!

Guaranteed results!

All plans are tailored to suit you personally so the plans are easy to follow.

You can transform your life!

With John F. Xuereb your whole body transformation is a reality.

  • FREE body fat evaluation

    Would you like a professional body fat evaluation to find out what you can do to reduce this fat without affecting your underlying muscle tone.

  • 12 week Challenge!

    Take our 12 week challenge and improve your body. You have the chance to win €5000 in cash. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 winners for each challenge!

At Bodies ‘N Motion we guide you to Look Your Best, Feel Your Best and BE Your Best! Together, we do this through Individualised Lifestyle Plans, Guaranteed to deliver Healthy, Predicatable and Lasting Results.

We offer a no obligation free group consultation

You come to a FREE GROUP CONSULTATION on where we will find out about your needs and you will find out information about how we can and will design for you your very own personal road map for you to accomplish your specific goals. If you prefer to book a private one-to-one consultation with John the price is €50.

About John F. Xuereb

John has been providing personal training and Health & Wellness management, life coaching and Mentorship for over 27 years, and guided over 25,000 clients to a healthier, leaner and more positive lifestyle through my signature program the Complete Mind & Body Transformation program.

  • Physical transformations for all ages

    Physical transformations are not just for adults, and not just for the obese. They are for anyone looking to better themselves mentally, physically and nutritionally.

  • A Healthy Body Means